James Silver, HBA, LLB, LLM

James is involved in Systems Oncology’s licensing and business development matters throughout the US and Canada. Reporting to the Chief Legal Officer and the Chief Executive Officer, James works on licensing, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property strategy, and corporate governance.

Prior to joining Systems Oncology, James worked in both the banking and insurance industries, as well as a litigation and corporate law boutique, serving companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare sectors. He currently serves on the board of an early stage biotechnology company involved in neurological therapeutics, and volunteers with the International Society for Pediatric Innovation.

James holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto, his first law degree from the University of London, and his second law degree from Osgoode Hall. James is not currently called to the bar of any jurisdiction in the US, but will write the New York Bar in 2018.

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